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The Farewell and Grieving

This isn’t a sad story despite triggers like “grief,” “loss,” and “saying goodbye.” It might be about death, Lulu Wang’s The Farewell, and choked-back holiday tears – but I type these words with clarified purpose.

I wasn’t ready, on a Saturday morning last month, to deal with emotions The Farewell jostled free about my own “Nai Nai’s” passing earlier that year. Then, as I attended Christmas Eve mass with just my parents for the first time, I couldn’t shake The Farewell from my thoughts. For days I struggled to manifest any awards season pitch focusing on Wang’s immaculately powerful film until Christmas Eve inspired the very prompt I needed. About seeing ourselves in art, recognizing significance, and allowing someone’s scripted journey to unlock something within us that otherwise might remain walled away.

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the mandalorian behind the scenes

The Mandalorian is a product of an amazing combination of practical and digital technology, specifically, the “Stagecraft” technology that uses a rear-projected LED screen to create a reactive environment for the actors to work against. A series of behind-the-scenes photos released last week showed us how Stagecraft worked, but a new group of images give us an even deeper look at the process — as well as a particularly silly-looking IG-11 —on the set of The Mandalorian. See the new The Mandalorian behind the scenes photos below.

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Matrix 4 Priyanka Chopra Jonas

The Matrix 4 has found the newest member of its increasingly stacked ensemble. Indian megastar Priyanka Chopra Jonas has joined the cast, but like much of Lana Wachowski’s upcoming sequel, her role remains under wraps.

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memetic movie

Seth Rogen is no stranger to being a meme, but now he’s on board to develop a movie about a killer meme. Rogen is teaming up with The Batman co-writer Mattson Tomlin to pen the adaptation of Memetic, a horror comic by James Tynion IV that follows a viral sensation that becomes the source of a zombie virus that threatens to destroy humanity. Rogen and Tomlin would pen the Memetic movie adaptation for Lionsgate, which is final negotiations to pick up the horror thriller project.

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Future Marvel Movie Directors

Marvel Studios is always on the lookout for filmmakers who might serve them well in crafting the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So it should come as no surprise to hear that they’ve already met with director Lulu Wang, the filmmaker behind 2019’s acclaimed indie darling The Farewell. But they’re not just looking in the indie arena for new directing talent either. Following the success of Bad Boys for Life, directing duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have also been approached by Marvel Studios. Read More »

the thing remake

Universal and Blumhouse may be teaming up to remake The Thing, with the new version based on the recently surfaced long-lost pages of the original novel by John W. Campbell Jr. Campbell Jr.’s short novella, Who Goes There? — which became the basis for three previous film adaptations — was originally published in the August 1938 issue of Astounding Science Fiction, but had been cut down for publication. But in 2018, a novel-length version of Campbell Jr.’s was discovered, and a Kickstarter was launched to release the entire novel, titled Frozen Hell. Now, Universal and Blumhouse are reportedly collaborating to adapt the original unpublished novel into the latest film version of this classic story.

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Fast and Furious 9 Trailer Teaser

The first trailer for Fast and Furious 9 (or Fast 9) is coming on January 31. It will be unveiled as part of a huge Fast and Furious fan event and concert down in Miami, Florida. But before then, we have a clip teasing the forthcoming arrival of the trailer, and if you remember the events of The Fate of the Furious, you already know what big change has resulted in a new life for Dominic Toretto. Watch the Fast and Furious 9 trailer teaser below. Read More »

The Shining Mountain Dew Super Bowl Commercial

This weekend brings us Super Bowl LIV, and with it will be a bunch of star-studded new commercials pushing all the biggest brands in front of one of the largest television viewing audiences of the year. But in the internet age, it’s more important to go viral before the Big Game, and some of this year’s biggest commercials are already online. One of them will be of particular interest to fans of Mountain Dew, Bryan Cranston and Stanley Kubrick.

Mountain Dew has just launched their new Mountain Dew Zero Sugar (or MTN DEW Zero Sugar), joining the ever-growing roster of carbonated drinks swapping out sugar for artificial sweeteners. And to give the new soft drink a proper launch, they recruited Bryan Cranston to recreate scenes from The Shining. So instead of Jack Torrance being a murderous psychopath, he just wants his wife to try some of this Mountain Dew Zero Sugar like any sane person would. Read More »

The Batman Production Begins

UPDATE: Warner Bros. has announced character details for Peter Sarsgaard and Jayme Lawson. You can find them within our original story below.

On the evening of January 27, 2020, director Matt Reeves announced the start of production on The Batman with the slate for the first day of shooting. That means we’re just a year and a half away from seeing the return of The Dark Knight on the big screen. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

(Welcome to The Movies That Made Star Wars, a series where we explore the films and television properties that inspired George Lucas’s iconic universe. In this edition: the Steven Spielberg pulp masterpiece Raiders of the Lost Ark.)

Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark might be one of the greatest films of all time. It’s a breathless action film wrapped up in some of the best dialogue ever written. It somehow takes the tropes of ‘30s adventure films, crosses them with Edgar Rice Burroughs and movies like Treasure of the Sierra Madre and Casablanca and then ups the ante even further. It’s the sort of movie that’s a Swiss watch of structure and adventure. It’s the dream of any filmmaker to make a movie with one-tenth the spirit.

But what effect did it have on Star Wars? On the surface, one could point to its conception by George Lucas and say that’s enough, but going deeper is a lot more fun.

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